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Everything was going so well...

Until I crashed the drone!!

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February 5th, 2019 (Phillipines time)

We got up early and enjoyed the beach as the sun came up. There might be no better way to wake up, as watching the waves roll on the sand for 10 minutes or so, and then jumping in. Flew the drone, started off our vlog and we were on our way.

We rented a scooter and began to explore. Our plan was to see 5 sights here on Siargao island -- Magpupungko natural pools, Tayangban Cave, Maasin bridge, Tak Tak falls and then finally Santa Monica Pier to watch the sunset. These are my favourite travel days -- scooting around an island. And Siargao is a great place to scoot! Massive palm trees all around, freshly paved roads and countless views of the ocean. It's not quite as incredible as Nusa Penida (Indonesia), but it really is a great place to explore.

We took our time. I don't scoot fast, and ontop of that we were stopping to buy street food, check the views, fly the drone, jump in the ocean, etc. I think the locals call it 'island-time', We were definitely on island time.

Magpupungko was a cool place to swim and hit some small cliff jumps. It was fairly crowded, but the blueish, greenish, pastel-y coloured water somehow makes the swim more refreshing.

Tayangban cave was dark and fairly scary. One of the ropes I was holding on to snapped and I went down pretty suddenly. Lucky for me I fell into water, right beside some jagged rocks. Phew. We tried to capture some video in there, but the footage might be too dark. We met another guy who has a youtube vlog and chatted a bit and went on our way.

Maasin bridge has these amazing crooked palm trees. They start off growing on a 45 degree or so angle over the river, and then suddenly jut straight upward. It's a cool sight from the bridge. One of the trees has a wicked rope swing that the locals are hitting double backflips off. Awesome to watch. I swung 4 or 5 times, (0 backflips), and we were on our way.

We stopped for a beautiful view. A cliff view of a valley covered in palm trees. Wind blowing, sun shining, looked amazing. I figured I fly the drone quickly for simple shot above the trees, looking downward. Everything was going so well, until I crashed the drone! I was trying to return it to home with 6% battery, and it started descending as a safety precaution. It was about 20 or 30m away and it hit the top of a palm tree. Aw maaaaaaaaaaan!

That was at around 4:15pm. We quickly tried to access the flight logs and get down there and find it, but the drone's wifi died, and the GPS on our phone stopped working. We frantically searched until it was dark. As I type this, the drone lays upside down somewhere in that valley! Arg.

We are trying to recover the flight logs now and get a pinpoint destination on where it is. I asked some locals to help me tomorrow and they said they surely would, they even said they can climb up the palm trees if it is stuck on top of one. Ugh. Smooth move Steve-o!!!

There is an auto 'fly home' feature (home is where you took off from) that kicks in with 20% battery. I decided to override that and keep flying. Bad move. Especially over a valley of palm trees. I hope we find it, and I hope I can recover the footage on the SD card. I am okay if the drone is broken, I just really want to footage. I will buy another drone if need-be. We will see.

So we scooted home in the dark. We got some street food, and here we are. Not a good feeling after what had the potential to be such a great day.
Really hope we can find it tomorrow.

Everything was going so well...

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