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On the road again!!! - to Varanasi

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Wooo! Feels great to be back on the road again.

We had a great 2 week rest at my cousin's place in Pune, Really enjoyed our time there and it was a time to recover for me. Recover physically as I was pretty sick, but also to charge the ol' proverbial batteries.

So, we are in Varanasi now and we are ready to roll!

Varanasi is a pretty epic place. It might be the oldest city in the world, with earliest guesses suggesting there was a city here as early as 1800 BC. Almost 4000 years ago. Pretty incredible thought. On top of that, the ganjes river is the holiest of rivers in the Hindu religion. It's also believed that the Buddha himself sat alongside the river and came up with the Buddhist religion. Even one of the founders of the Sikh religion spent time here for inspiration. So, Varanasi is a tremendously old, and very spiritual hub in Northern India. If you're into vibrations and energy and positive feelings and all that, you would love Varanasi. There's celebrations and ceremonies and people meditating and chanting all over the place.

We haven't explored too much just yet, although we did walk through a death ceremony at one of the cremation ghats. A ghat is a place you can access the river -- so there are bathing ghats, laundry ghats, cremation ghats, etc. It's believed that if you are cremated after being dunked in the ganjes, you will get complete salvation in the afterlife. It's like being released directly into heaven. They wouldn't let us take pictures (actually they would, if we paid a fee. It just felt kind of gross paying someone to take pictures of someone else's funeral. The whole middleman aspect of it just felt kind of disrespectful and I figured we could go without pictures/ video.) But we saw some human bodies that were being cremated with wood. Pretty intense. They explain all about the caste system and how different castes have different cremation spots. We even saw one body that was maybe half an hour from being cremated. The body was lying on some wood, wrapped in a sheet. His eyes were open. It was probably a sight I will never forget. This is exactly why I need to take breaks after travelling for sometime. If it weren't for those two weeks resting in Pune, and we came right to Varanasi from Jaisalmer, I don't know how I would react to seeing a dead body that was about to be lit on fire.

So that's all for now. There will be more to come on Varanasi soon.

Oh! We've also booked our flight from India. To Frankfurt on the 10th! Germany here we come!

Seeya soon.

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